Did You Know


A brief update on broadband activities in the Kippen area:

  • Most of you will have noticed (and been held up by) the installation of a fourth fibre cabinet at the roundabout on the A811 just outside Rozel Cottage, and its connection to Kippen exchange. As usual, we have no details of its exact purpose from either BT or Openreach, but it is not unreasonable to assume that it will provide much greater connectivity through the telephone connection to surrounding areas – Boquhan, Station Road, Carse farms – and may now offer a reasonable alternative to wireless in these areas.
  • There are still a number of outlying areas which have no, or very poor, broadband connectivity. The government programme, R100, aims to bring superfast broadband to all properties by 2021.  Surprisingly for a government programme, there is commitment but no plan or schedule as to how this will be achieved.  This project is currently out to tender (to be awarded “sometime during 2019”) and may be accompanied by a voucher scheme once implementation commences.
  • And finally, if the cabinet to which you are connected claims that it is “full”, you are encouraged to register demand with BT and additional cards will be added.

Stuart Thomson