Community Affairs

Community Memorial Garden

The garden behind the Church was gifted to the Church many years ago by Sir D. Y. Cameron. Over the years it has grown and changed in structure and many people enjoy walking through it today. It is a Memorial Garden where people have gifted trees and shrubs in memory of their loved ones. There are also benches where you can sit peacefully and enjoy the tranquillity and watch the many garden birds which can be found there.  People walking in the Garden may have noticed the ‘snowdrop garden’ which was planted in co-operation with Strathcarron Hospice and is now beginning to thicken out. As with everything, the ground has to be maintained, and if anyone has any ideas as to how we might manage this please get in touch with Alyn Younie (850621) or Mary Lawson (870202).  We really need help with some ideas to raise funds with which we could employ some ‘heavy/strong’ help occasionally, we also need   someone who has a little regular spare time to keep an eye on the weeds and shrubs.


The Garden is an asset to the village and is much admired by many visitors who discover it. It is also a good area for the playgroup and youth organisations to have outdoor activities.


Please can all dog owners be very particular to clean up after their dogs when walking there, as this has become an unpleasant nuisance recently.