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Kippen Playgroup

The winds of winter haven’t been enough to discourage the nature- loving children of Kippen Playgroup; they’ve continued to ramble, range and roam all over Kippen’s beautiful countryside throughout these chilly months.

Our woodland base at the frog pond (AKA Monkey Camp) has been somewhat unwelcoming at times, so they’ve been making full use of the orchard, back lanes and Church grounds to get their nature fix.

The many scientists among them have been experimenting with freezing bubbles, measuring the thickness of ice and depths of puddles, and the ever-important concocting of potions to keep those pesky shadow monsters at bay.  Not only that, but they are now more than proficient at animal tracking, having discovered the footprints of bears and T-Rex’s in the vicinity…you have been warned!

Co-operation and teamwork are paramount to the children enjoying their time outside.  Whether it’s climbing trees, helping each other use nets and buckets at the pond or pulling each other up ‘mountains’ with the rope, our Play Leaders Morna and Pam try to let them work as a team to overcome the hurdles they face in the great outdoors.

The children are currently embarking on their annual harassment of the tadpoles and frogs in the area.  Needless to say, the frogs of Kippen will no doubt be evolving into a super-species capable of withstanding all manner of hardship, which should guarantee their continued survival when global warming really kicks in.  You can thank the children of Kippen Playgroup later when frogs are our main food source.

The gang do spend some time indoors at the Village Hall, where they enjoy decorating the floor with play dough, constructing forts, doing arts and crafts, having story time and finding as many creative things to do with empty boxes as you can possibly imagine.

We currently have some spaces available, so if you think your little one would enjoy being part of the crew then please get in touch with Morna via  We run on a Tuesday and Friday (9:30-12pm) and we take little ones from 2 years old up to school age.

Toddlers runs every Thursday in the VillageHall, all year round, and is the place to come when the walls feel like they’re closing in!  We always have cake and biscuits and as much tea as your bladder can handle.  There’s lots of baby and toddler toys and it’s a great place for socialising your little cherubs in a safe environment.  Pop in any Thursday 10:15-12pm and we’ll see you there.