Community Affairs

Reading Rooms

The Reading Rooms have continued a very solid period of development of its functions.

Keep Fit has a very active following, and the more tranquil pastime of Qui Gong is also taking place in the main hall.

Mike Flint has conducted a very successful series of film shows, presenting very short films of high quality in preparation for festivals in California.

Our ceiling mounted projector and screen system is used for this purpose.

The Women’s Institute (the Rural) remain stalwart users of our facilities, and the Quilters operate on Saturday mornings, no doubt generating much conversational buzz with every quilt produced.

A recent highlight has been the grand opening of the Children’s Library, led by Rea Gourlay and Caroline Wade Thompson. The Reading Rooms Committee has promoted this library movement since its inception last year by providing a suitable room upstairs.

This is exactly the kind of function which the Mitchell Trust and the Management Committee are keen to encourage, bringing together not just the children, but also their parents in a friendly venue.

As this is being written, we have learned that our defibrillator was activated at 1am in the morning and was taken temporarily to hospital with the patient, who is still alive.

Our recent Jumble Sale was well supported, particularly by the donors and raised over £700. We would like to thank all helpers who have worked so hard.

Our main focus of attention, however, remains our plan for developing our kitchen facilities, together with an upgraded access for the disabled via the front door.

We are delighted to be able announce that the Community Fund, working with Foundation Scotland and the Falck Renewables Fund, have offered a grant for this project. This offer, together with our own funds, should enable us, based on matched funding, to seek the further funding necessary to undertake the project.

The Mitchell Trustees and the Management Committee will welcome any advice regarding sources of funding, whether by grant or by donation as we work to raise money in the same manner as was carried out for the very successful Village Hall upgrade.

We are all very encouraged by an increasing awareness and enthusiasm for these rooms which have served the village for almost one hundred years.

Jeremy Gaywood