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Flower Tubs

The Spring planting worked well after a cold, wet blustery day planting them up in November. I had w illing helpers (persuaded!) in the shape of Fionna Lindsay, husband Micky, Lindsay Frost and the Clarks from Glebe House. Lindsay produced some extra pots planted with bulbs with the addition of ceramic poppies which looked good on Remembrance Sunday.

Summer planting took place the week before Street Fayre with a more established group of helpers who will also take turns in tending and watering the tubs through the summer. I am most grateful to Fionna Lindsay, Una Donaldson, Wendy Clark, and Sue Bryans for coming on board as the new team.

The collection box in McNicolls was emptied a few weeks ago with over £30, so once again, thank you so much to the village folk who put their change in it. It’s amazing how it mounts up and keeps the kitty flowing.

We need some more sun to bring them on now!

Naomi Hirst

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