Did You Know

‘Will you catch me, if I fall?’

I get anxious at heights. I think it goes back to childhood sitting in my bedroom window. The window was wide open, and I was leaning a bit too far out – I almost fell. I don’t mind hiking up high hills when I’m looking up, but my knees shake the moment I turn around and see the heights to which I’ve climbed. I love being at heights looking toward the horizon, seeing the distance, feeling on top of the world. However, ask me to gaze over the edge to look for a path of descent, look out a skyscraper to the pavement below, or walk on a glass floor high above, and I will freeze, feel sick, need to close my eyes, and do some deep breathing.

When I signed up to abseil off the Forth Rail Bridge for Strathcarron Hospice, I knew it wasn’t a thrill I was seeking but a challenge, a stretch to my comfort zone. I remember doing the abseil 12 years ago and the utter fear I had at the top, and vividly remember the experience of both looking up to where I had been and down to where I was falling.

For me abseiling and facing my fears, is a leap of faith. I know I wouldn’t choose to do this on a whim, just for fun. I believe in the strength I gain from trusting my fears to God and the peace to face uncomfortable situations. I believe God is with me wherever I go, whatever I face. My trust in God is greater than my fears, my own personal strength, and a love that knows no end.

I am grateful that people generously give to Strathcarron Hospice and many other charities that help people face unknown, scary, devastating times. I am grateful for the opportunity to honour the giving of time and care of all the staff and volunteers who are there when fear and heartache rule. May God bless those who are comforted and cared for at challenging times. May you be a blessing to others in your life so when someone is afraid, lonely or worried, so they know they are not alone. I find it an honour to be a presence of God’s love here and now if anyone should need it.

Blessings & Courage to do the hard things of life, Ellen

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