Special Feature

Kippen Surgery


“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Juvenal, Roman poet and author of the collection of satirical poems known as the Satires, may well have had Kippen Surgery in mind when he wrote these words about the ideal combination of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

In addition to the long-standing medical skills of Doctors Young, Moran and Schmautz with their friendly and efficient team of receptionists, dispensary and admin staff, there is now a significant number of other medical specialists available for consultation.  These include:

  • Mental Health Nurse Caroline Robertson who is available on Monday mornings from 09:30 until 13:00, and Friday afternoon from 13:00 until 16:30.
  • Physiotherapist Robert Friel who is available on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 08:40 until 11:40.
  • Phlebotomist who will carry out blood tests (without leeches!) and monitor blood pressure and is available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Podiatrist who is available on Tuesday mornings, and can only be seen by referral from one of the practice doctors.
  • Midwife who is available on Monday afternoons between 13:00 and 15:30.
  • District Nurse who is available on Monday and Thursday morning between 09:00 and 10:00.
  • Flu jabs are also now available.
  • Occasional appearances from medical students, when interest warrants.

Appointments with any of these specialists (except the podiatrist), and with the practice doctors can be made either by telephone on 01786 870369, or via the patient access online facility at https://app.patientaccess.com/login.  This is a national site, to which access is made either by patient number (available from the surgery), or by email.  It also provides facilities to re-order repeat prescriptions. There is also a link to this site from the Kippen Surgery website – www.kippensurgery.scot.nhs.uk, which also contains details of opening times, staff members and other practice information.

From publication date until the end of 2019, there are no further training days planned.  Holidays over the Christmas and New Year period will be the standard public days.

The Surgery would also like to thank Kippen Drama Group for their generous donation, which enabled the purchase of medical equipment in the areas of monitoring blood pressure and heart activity.

Interview by Stuart Thomson with Dr Annett Schmautz