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flowershow14 - opening speech (3)Harmony in times of discord.

‘Live in harmony with one another…’ (Romans 12:16)

Listening to a barbershop chorus, my mind drifts back to childhood sitting around the kitchen table hearing my Grandpa Paul singing but not just singing – harmonising. Song in this house was not everybody singing the same notes all in tune. With Grandpa Paul and Grandma Daisy harmonies rang out.  Only later did I learn how difficult harmonising with others is if one was only seeking to sing what was the CORRECT note without listening. Yes, the desire to hit the note as purely as possible was there however, often Grandpa and later my mother would sidle up next to one of us and gently mimic and draw us nearer the note we needed to be singing. We learned by listening and mimicking. The discord turned to harmony as we listened and sought the notes that work together.

Seeking harmony when the notes are out of whack and no one is listening for the pitch or to each other is hard and wearying work. My heart aches for our world where discord and dissonance reign in communities, in cultures, in countries, in corporations. My heart aches at the cacophony of sounds and words I am bombarded with moment to moment. The balance feels off and I sense we are not necessarily listening to or for each other anymore. The discord is very apparent in the political realm where the CORRECT statement is uttered without consideration of the question being asked and responses retorted back without necessarily understanding. I wonder if the current approach is to increase discord rather than seeking a better way through.  I fear discord will only deepen as time marches on.

I do not expect everyone to speak the exact same words nor believe the identical ideas. Harmony in life and music is never about uniformity across the board. Harmony is each note working together for the whole, each part listening for the interactions playing off the others, every person listening and communicating with the others as part of something bigger than themselves. I hope, pray and commit to working toward greater harmony through the discord. Not one of us can get through life without others. We are all in this together and it would benefit us all if we sought harmony even with those with whom we see no connection. I hope we recognise the discord for an opportunity and in turn seek the harmony through listening and trying to understand one another. I pray for all those who find themselves ignored, forgotten, and drowned out. May we find a way together. Blessings, Ellen

Special Services at Kippen Kirk in coming months:

All-age service for Remembrance Sunday at the War Memorial at the Cross at 10.50 am, followed by service in Kippen Kirk at 11.15 am on Sunday 10th November

All-age Dress up Nativity and Carol Service on Sunday 15th December at 11.15 am

Christmas Eve, all-age service at Norrieston Church, Thornhill at 6 pm

Christmas Eve Watchnight service with carols from 11.15 pm at Kippen Kirk

Christmas Day all-age service at 10.00 at Kippen Kirk

All welcome for worship on Sundays at 11.15 am and for our special services!

Rev. Ellen Larson Davidson
Minister, Kippen linked with Norrieston