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The play park in Kippen will be receiving some much needed attention after local people raised the poor condition with me.

Residents in the area raised the lack of grass cutting, issues with fencing and the wood chip covering as well as defects in the equipment and the need for investment in new play equipment.

I contacted officers at the Council who responded very quickly, carried out an inspection and have devised a plan to deal with the problems raised.

The grass had missed cuts during the year and had gone to seed but it has now been cut.  The entrance gate was broken and there are repairs needed to the fence. The large barked area will now be split into smaller areas around each piece of play equipment with new timber edges and new wood chip covering. The flower beds will be tended to, and a new path may be installed after a local resident suggested it during the inspection by officers. The play equipment was also inspected and defective parts will be replaced as required.

This will be carried out over the coming months as a schedule is put in place to deal with the various work needed. The play park would benefit from some new equipment and I have has asked for this to considered as part of future investments plans.

Thank you to those residents that raised this issue with me. If you have any concerns please do contact my office on 01786 475034 or

Stephen Kerr MP