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New Multiple Sclerosis Group Launched in Stirling

Stephen Kerr, MP for Stirling, was invited to visit the newly established Multiple Sclerosis support group in Stirling. The MS Society has established this group to provide support and a social network for those suffering from this debilitating illness and their families who often find themselves isolated.

The group will hold regular meetings and events and provide a much needed opportunity for people affected by MS from across Stirling and Clackmannanshire to come together.

The Group is being officially relaunched as the previous group lapsed some time ago but it is clear there is a need for one.

Stephen heard that a particular problem is the amount of time it takes for those diagnosed with the disease to get their disabled drivers – Blue Badges- renewed. Stephen has previously been contacted by people experiencing very similar problems and who have long term illnesses. Not only is there the problem of the amount of time taken by the Council to get a badge renewed but it raises the question of why those dealing with a long term prognosis need to re-apply at all. Stephen has raised this with the DVLA.

Stephen Kerr said:-

“I was delighted to be present at the official launching of the new group. It is something that is vitally needed in the area and I applaud the commitment of Alistair, Emma and others in getting the show back on the road. I am sure the new group will be extremely successful and will be welcomed. I would also ask that anyone experiencing any problems with their disabled driving badge applications to get in touch with my office.”

Alistair Boyd – The co-ordinator for the new group, said:-

As this is a new committee, we are looking to raise as much awareness as possible to help assist MS sufferers in the Stirling and Clackmannanshire area, by hosting monthly events allowing MS sufferers and their families to try something new for the first time and meet other people in a similar circumstances. All events will be held with the aim of bringing people together in a comfortable environment which is a key aspect of the disease and keeping the mind active. We welcome anyone who would like to attend or help support us.

The group meet at the Springkerse View Pub & Grill. For details and dates, please contact the MS Society Stirling & Clacks  Facebook page, or email stirling@mssociety.org.uk.


Meghan Bradford, Joanne Saunders, Stephen Duddy, Alisdair Milne, Alisdair Boyd, Emma Boyd with Stephen at official ‘opening’ moment.