Did You Know

Three Corbies

Three Corbies

Three corbies sat upon a wa’

Each one had a booklet graspit in its claw

Wi’ smiles upon their beaks, happy-sounding “Caw”

Reading Kippen booklets.


The first craw thocht Rennie awfy fine

Wi’ his graips and his coulters frae times lang syne

An’ the smiddy wi’ its forges sitting in a line

Up at Kippen Cross.


The second craw thocht “A boatyard canna be.

I’ve flown all over Kippen – nae watter can I see.”

Then he read the booklet, was happy as could be,

And flew down to Shirgarton.


The third craw was reading mony Tourist things

O’ Bonny Chairlie, and other Kippen kings

(Wi’ an advert for Dougalls sitting in the wings)

Frae a hundred years ago.


The fourth craw wasna there at a’

He’d flown down to McNicolls with money in his claw

And now he’s bought the booklets, bought them yin and a’

And brought back to his nest.