Community Affairs

What a busy year!

The main aim of the Parent Council over the past few years has been raising funds to pay for essential class room equipment, to ensure that the kids have the best opportunities for learning.  Their old white boards had come to the end of their useful lives, and new interactive boards were needed, but at £3000 each (there are 5 classrooms), there was a lot of cash to be collected!

It has been hard work, but not all of it has been too arduous!  Anyone who has attended one of our (now infamous) Safari Suppers, will know that a lot of fun is had while we are raising funds to help support the School.  Our parents help to run a number of regular fundraisers, from the café at Street Fayre to kids’ discos and the ever-popular Christmas Concert held in the Church each year.  We support the School in more practical ways too, with many parents helping to coach sports, go on school trips, and helping with special days at School, for example ‘Maths in Work’, where parents who use maths in their job were asked to show the kids the many applications of numbers out in the real world.

We are very pleased to tell you that we have raised enough for 2 of the interactive boards, and the School have bought a third, and we were about to buy a fourth at the beginning of the summer holidays, when we got a wonderful boost to our funds. A very welcome cheque from the Helensfield Trust was received and has meant that the last 2 interactive boards have been ordered, so the School will have a full complement soon.

We are very grateful to the Helensfield Trust, it has meant that we have a more pleasant task of spending money this year, rather than always having to ask for it.  We hope to put the extra money to good use, and will be asking the teaching staff, pupils and parents what they would like to do with it. We would like to see that some of it has a legacy and that this generous donation is honoured in some way.  Watch this space!

The Parent Council Committee would like to say a huge thanks to all the parents, grandparents, carers & community members who support our fundraising efforts, and the activities within the School.  You may bake scones, organize jumble sales, buy Christmas cards or sing songs, but everything that you do, and all the money you raise, is very much appreciated.

PC committee- Polly Douglas, Amy Anderson, Julie Smith.

Council Meeting 2 Sept 2017

Nevis House

This year’s Nevis House Captain is Grant O’Donnell, supported by Nevis Vice-Captain, Beth Goodwin. They are keen to build on last year’s leaders’ great efforts in the area of sports. They want everyone to know that they are not just there to lead, but also to listen to people’s ideas and opinions. They want to offer something that everyone can feel part of and enjoy this year. They are determined that this year, Nevis will reach the highest peaks of success!

Lomond House

This year’s Lomond House Captain is Caitlin Bradwell, supported by Lomond Vice-Captain, Murray Robb. They were both keen to bring Interhouse competitions to as many areas as possible, both sports and in the arts and sciences. Both Caitlin and Murray would like to remind everyone that they will be there to listen and help anyone in need. Both are looking forward to a rewarding year, helping to carry on the fine legacy of Lomond House and add to its many achievements.

Ledi House

This year, Ledi House Captain is Edward Boyd, supported by Ledi Vice-Captain, Caitlin Wynn. They are keen to organise more House- based activities and had the bright idea of setting up some lunchtime clubs, not just for sport, but for art and drama as well. They are looking forward to carrying on the proud traditions of Ledi House. They both plan to lead by example, trying to live up to Kippen School values, whilst always ensuring children in their House get a say and feel supported. They are also keen to bring back the Interhouse competitions in sport, but they would like to look at other areas such as music and drama. They hope to motivate Ledi to be all it can be this school year!

House Captains and Vice Captains 2017-18 photo.jpg

Primary 1

Primary 1 have settled in well to our Primary 1/2 class and are getting used to the routines and timings of the School day. The learning context for the whole class has been ‘The Jolly Postman’, a book by Allan and Janet Ahlberg. We have been exploring the fairy tales and characters from the story as well as learning more about letters, the Post Office and how mail is delivered. Recently the whole class enjoyed a collaborative art lesson on ‘circle painting’. The children worked together on one painting where they moved around the paper and made a contribution. The children were asked to practise good manners and to try to cooperate with their classmates as they moved round the table. They managed to stay in their own space as they painted and all the children really enjoyed the process. As our collaborative painting progressed the children became very quiet and focussed on their task. Everyone calmly moved around the circle and added to their neighbour’s work. We were delighted with the final result. We have had a lovely first term together.

Roald Dahl Day

As part of Roald Dahl Day, P2 and P3 were learning about Fantastic Mr Fox. They read the story together and took part in different activities during the day. Everyone enjoyed using oil pastels to make a picture of Fantastic Mr Fox.

Primary 2/3/4

P2/3/4 used different drawing media to create pictures of lovely apples from Mrs Logan’s apple tree.

Primary 4/5

This term, Primary 4/5 have been learning about mountains. Living in an area with a view as beautiful as Kippen’s, they were keen to find out more about why mountains are part of our landscape, as well as the opportunities and challenges which they can pose. We have looked at the structure of the Earth and have begun to explore how our local mountains were created long ago. Having explored how the temperature changes as you climb a mountain, pupils expressed their understanding of this through creating both colour temperature mountains and interesting vocabulary mountains. We are also looking forward to linking our knowledge of healthy eating to an understanding of how diet needs to account for activities like mountain climbing.

Primary 5/6

P5/6 are exploring the theme of Sustainability as a topic, and we are engaging in a variety of activities related to this theme. The children have been learning about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and have had some great discussions about their role as future Global Citizens. They have been exploring the lives of other young people in other parts of the world and making comparisons. The theme of Rights and Responsibilities has been explored and we are looking at some of the many facets of Global Citizenship. As part of our Expressive Art focus this term we have been inspired by the work of Van Gogh and we have used a variety of tools, with paint and PVA, to re -create our own Sunflower creations.

Primary 7 2017 – 18 Term 1

This term Primary 7 have been exploring the dark and gruesome reality of medicine through the ages. The children were fascinated by tales of plague doctors, with their strange outfits and even stranger treatments. Did you know the plague or the ‘Black Death’ wiped out over 30% of Stirling’s population in the 14th Century? Primary 7 have delved into this period and viewed the plague from many different perspectives. Firstly, creating their own plague masks inspired by the menacing outfits worn by the doctors, whilst also crafting their own plague diaries or scrolls. These recount the tale of someone diagnosed with the deadly disease. It’s fair to say it has been an eventful term!!