Community Affairs

Hopscotch Theatre – ‘Rights of the Child’

The players of Hopscotch Theatre delighted the Kippen children and staff at the beginning of the term with their production of ‘Rights of the Child’, which followed the story of Ryan, a young schoolboy who has no idea he has any rights. In fact, he couldn’t even be bothered learning about them in school. Taking the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a starting point, this play explored the value of shared social responsibility, and encouraged the audience to consider what a child’s rights really were. In a dream, Ryan meets Rights campaigner, Eglantyne Jebb, and accompanies her to the United Nations to fight for the rights of all children in the world.  When he awakened, he showed a new understanding and appreciation for the value of rights. It was an engaging and empowering performance, informing pupils about their own rights in a fun and interactive show.