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Kippen Primary Breakfast Club – Volunteers Needed

Kippen Primary Breakfast Club is in urgent need of volunteer helpers to ensure it can open each morning.

The school breakfast club opens each morning from 8-9am during term time. It gives children a warm welcoming environment where they can enjoy a healthy breakfast and just as importantly, it allows parents/carers to drop the children off and get to work on time.

The Club is operated by a member of Stirling Council catering staff together with a volunteer helper thus ensuring that 2 adults are always in attendance.

The number of volunteers has dwindled and Breakfast Club has been forced to close several times this year at short notice, leaving parents with a last minute scramble to find childcare or face being late for work. This is where we need your help…

Are you able to spare 1 hour between 8-9am during term time either on a regular or occasional basis? If so, volunteering is simple. You choose the day(s) you can help on and come along on the day for 8am. There’s no cooking or washing-up involved, we just need an extra pair of hands to set up tables and chairs and check names off a list.

Please email Kirsten (Rota Co-ordinator) for more information:

Breakfast Club is a vital and much relied-upon resource for many families in the village, however it can’t be sustained without the support of the wider village community.

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