Community Affairs


Remembering Bella Crawford

With the passing of Bella Crawford, the management committee of The Reading Room would like to take the opportunity to express our sorrow at losing a long serving member of our committee.

Although records are not clear, we believe that Bella served on our committee for more than thirty years.  Bella was a real doer and hated discussion round the committee table, preferring to roll up her sleeves at our events. However, even in committee, Bella was particularly useful because she had her finger on the pulse of most things that were happening and was a stalwart at the Reading Room’s annual New Years Day dance in the village hall.

As most people are aware, Bella was the driving force behind Whist in the village, and her teaching of the game was one of her greatest contributions to village life.

As Betty McAllister recalls:

“She was very committed and serious when teaching whist. You soon knew if you played the wrong card by her scowl!!! She kept everyone in line.

She also loved the Jumble Sales and was loath to give something away too cheaply”

Betty is right. Bella was committed to everything she did as a villager. Her sister Annie, to whom we extend our condolences, was just the same in her younger days.

We give thanks for her life and for her contribution to others.

Reading Room Activities

The Management Committee of the Reading Rooms continue with a programme of trying to bring all rooms into general use.

Currently, we are faced with the problem of storage of all the equipment previously assembled by The Youth Club, which used to use our premises. Currently Stirling Council are unable to fund the provision of a Youth Leader, and the club is therefore in abeyance.

The Summer Ice table, with all its equipment, lies ready for action. We hope that Kippen Primary School will, once again use their ‘golden hour’ in which to introduce pupils to the game. We will also welcome the return of the four troops of Young Scouts.

It is hoped very much that seniors will once more take up the game, possibly to compete with Gartmore and Buchlyvie, where both villages have tables and where the games has been revived. Anyone interested should contact the Reading Room Committee who would then organise training session.

Keep Fit classes are very active in the main room under Andy, who runs sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Jumble Sales continue to be the mainstay of our income. Each year, we hold two sales. Our Autumn Jumble sale takes place on Saturday October 21st. Flyers will delivered round the village before hand.

The Committee continues to work on plans to transform the kitchen facilities of the Rooms, which will provide a greatly improved facility for public and private functions for about thirty people.

Our aim is to continue to provide a warm and welcoming suite of rooms for a wide range of activities, from coffee mornings, parties, and office accommodation for public or private meetings.

Jeremy Gaywood