Community Affairs

Responsibility Groups

Did you know that every pupil at Kippen Primary School contributes to our School by being in a Responsibility Group? There are 4 Groups altogether and pupils are in the Group for up to 2 years, then they get a choice to remain in the Group for longer or can suggest 2 other Groups that they would like to join.

Eco Team

Eco Team Photo


Our Eco Group, organised by Miss Alexander, is in charge of maintaining our Green Flag status by organising litter picking, checking energy use and promoting Reduce, Renew and Recycle. Their hard work was rewarded last year as they retained their Green Flag status. Last year, they helped to organise a ‘Rag Bag’ outdoor collection point for use by the surrounding community – it was hugely popular and it is something they would like to continue. This year, their first major project is the Book Swap Shop, they are hoping to encourage both reading and recycling in one go! If anyone in the community has children’s books or novels that are in decent readable condition, then we would love to hear from you!

Pupil Council

Pupil Council Photo.jpg

The Pupil Council, organised by Miss Campbell, listens to ideas and makes decisions about things to do with the School. The Council works together to organise whole School fundraisers for worthy causes. Our first project of this school year is the Blythswood Care Christmas Shoebox Appeal. They will be beginning to talk to the School about it soon, but we would welcome any donations from the wider community. If you would like to donate items for a shoebox, a list of suggested contents is now available on the School website

Tech Team

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The Tech Team, organised by Mrs Mier and Mrs Stone, has a very exciting year ahead. One of the Team’s main responsibilities is to help look after the ICT equipment in School and remind others about how to look after it properly. As well as the School laptops, there are now 18 iPads in the School which need to be charged and updated regularly. They spent much of their time last year designing their own game and learning more about coding. This is something that the Team this year would like to continue to work on and become the ICT experts in their class! Another of their key roles is to keep communication flowing by writing articles for upload to the School website We also have a School Twitter page which is an easy way to share news and photos. Please visit us @kippenprimary. This year, the Tech Team will be launching an even easier way to keep updated with all things Kippen. There will be more information about this in the next few months – watch this space!

Grounds Team

Grounds Group Photo

The Grounds Team, organised by Mrs Stirling, helps to look after our School grounds and keep them looking beautiful. Last year saw many developments in Kippen’s grounds. Thanks to our helpers and kind volunteers, we now have a greenhouse to add to the raised beds that were put in a few years ago. The Grounds Group have recently had a visit from Forth Environment Link as Vicki Ferguson spoke to the children about their forthcoming Food Waste Challenge. They will be monitoring food waste during lunchtimes as part of a wider sustainability project. We are looking forward to increasing the amount of outdoor learning that we do and would welcome any volunteers with skills in this area. We would also welcome anyone who would be able to give us a few hours of their time every month to help promote learning in the grounds of the school. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact