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Primary 7’s Space Exploration

Primary 7 have been hard at work this term investigating our solar system and the history of space exploration. They have been fascinated to learn more about the famous events in space history, as well as finding out about lesser known figures who made vital contributions to space exploration.

Our trip this term was to Sky Academy studios in Livingstone to create our very own news programme about a potential mission to Mars! They prepared their news scripts in cooperative groups, then they were sent to their recording pod to create their segment. The Sky technicians then edited all the segments together into a wonderful news broadcast they could take home. They had a wonderful day and it got their new topic off to a flying start.

Inspired by their topic, P7 have produced some spectacular artwork this term. In particular, their Peter Thorpe inspired ‘Rocket Paintings’ were out of this world! Each student created their own abstract background and then created a detailed and contrasting foreground object. Well done to the class for creating some really impressive artwork.

P7 Space Art Picture