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Plant and Animal Adaptation in P 5/6

Primary 5/6 have been learning this term about how plants and animals adapt to their environment. Using some fascinating examples, such as the Pitcher Plant which attracts and traps insects for food, we have looked at some ingenious ways that have helped both plants and animals survive often harsh habitats. The Venus Fly Trap is another such example which is more familiar to many. One task the class undertook was to create a new species for the Rainforest Habitat, with features designed to ensure survival. This project would not have been complete without a look at the life and work of Charles Darwin. The children researched his interest in plants and animals and the amazing discoveries he made. Did you know that he brought celery and rhubarb back from the Galapagos Islands and found they grew well in this country? The children came up with some interesting questions such as; why do giraffes have long necks; how did apes evolve into humans and how will species develop further? We are still pondering this last one but are encouraging research, reflection and further reading 

P5-6 Animal Adaptations