Did You Know

The American Cow Whisperer

It started with a coo… well, 2 coos, named Hamish and Kyloe.

Their owner Marc Stewart had created a Facebook page for them and, obviously, I was one of over 100,000 followers having just acquired my very own Scottish Highland coos named Morven and Mhairi.

Hamish and Kyloe live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the USA and I’d often comment on the page, gleaning any information that might get me a step closer to grooming my gals without being gored!

After several months of following the “Hamish & Kyloe” Facebook page, Marc announced that he was travelling to Scotland to follow his ancestral trail.  He was going to be in the UK for around 4 weeks and wondered how he would cope without his cow fix.   Et Voila!  Marc asked if he could come and meet Morven and Mhairi… as if he had to ask!

Marc’s arrival at the farm was met with great excitement… the American Cow Whisperer was here!

After several hours in the fields with Morven and Mhairi we had success… no tying up required… just a good old scratch with a stick to begin with then progressing to a full body massage!

Thanks to Marc I am now “The Heifer

Hairdresser” Ali Thom