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Keir Hill of Dasher Archaeological Dig

Kippen Primary had an exciting and unique opportunity to go and see the archaeological dig taking place at Keir Hill of Dasher on Friday 24th May 2019. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Gaywood for the invitation to visit the site. We were supported by Murray Cook, Stirling Council’s archaeologist, Irene Chapman from Kippen Heritage and David Smith from Stirling’s Smith Museum. Mr Smith delivered a talk in school to all pupils on the morning of the visit and Murray Cook spoke with pupils at the site.

Pupils in P1-5 all walked down to see the dig site in the afternoon. They got to hear about some artefacts found at other sites and see a metal detector in action.

‘I learned a lot, for instance about the magnetism of the metal detector can help you find little balls of silver even if they are rusty or old. It was really interesting to learn about the history of the site and how it could be the site of Scotland’s first church.’ Blake P5

Pupils in P6 and P7 all went down to the site and were able to take part in a dig.

‘I thought it was really good experience to get to do the digging. We found lots of big rocks but nothing of importance. I also thought it was really fun to be allowed to dig.’ Emily P6

Thank you also to all of the parent helpers who helped us take groups of children to the site and back.