Eighteen 1st Stirlingshire Carse Colony Beavers started back after the summer break with an initial emphasis on the health and fitness badge.  Local resident John Smith kindly opened his heavenly blueberry orchard for the Beavers to collect from and learn about this truly super ‘super-food’.  Brambles were gathered too and will be made into jam for some of the local community.  The Beavers have a packed term ahead of them, filled with adventuring and learning.  It is intended for them to be involved with the Remembrance Service in November and to host an afternoon tea for a ‘Contact the Elderly’ group in Kippen.  Also planned is some foraging in the woods, learning about some international dances and brushing up on personal and road safety.  Many thanks to: – Ellen Larson Davidson, Annabel Gaywood, Jeeka Jarvis and Neil Stewart who voluntarily help and support each meeting allowing the Beavers to have fun and learn.  We are always looking for more parent helpers so if you are interested, please contact: for more info on Beavers.

Adrian Chamberlain