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Kippen Playgroup, Babies and Toddlers

We must start by thanking everyone who came to, and helped with, our Christmas Market again this year – the amazing array of stalls, the delicious selection of home baking, the magical Santa’s Grotto and the record-breaking raffle helped us to raise over £3,600. We are an independent group who get all our money from fundraising, so this amount will be critical to help us continue into the next decade!

Despite the obvious celebrations at this time of year – our Hallowe’en party, Christmas party and visit to the Cumbernauld theatre – our kids have been equally excited by animals and mud in the last few months.

Our Playgroup children have formed close bonds with animals around the village and during a trip to Castle Rednock (whether the animals wanted it or not!) – ponies, donkeys, chickens, birds and, obviously, the dinosaurs of Kippen woods. Any wildlife residing in the woods or Church garden has been disturbed quite regularly on Tuesday and Friday mornings with games of hide and seek, rolling down hills and investigating their habitats. In other news, mud depths reached new heights recently and easily managed to breech welly boots, much to the delight of the kids (and horror of those cleaning them up afterwards). Hosepipes had to be used….

With increasing amounts of research being published about the benefits of outdoor play, we are so grateful our kids can enjoy exploring the natural environment, with the support of Morna and Pam. If your 2-5 yr old would like to join the fun on a Tuesday and/or Friday (9.30am – noon), please get in touch via to arrange a free taster.

Babies and Toddlers welcome anyone under 5, with their parent or carer, to come to the Village Hall on a Thursday (10.15am – noon) to explore new toys, have a healthy snack and give their adults a break from any cabin fever that might be setting in, over tea and cake. Please join us!

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