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Kippen Windfarm

News from the Kippen Community Funding Panel

Recipients of grants so far include Kippen Reading rooms, (building upgrade), Kippen Sports Development (field upgrade), Kippen Street Fayre (new gazebos), Kippen Playgroup and Toddlers (continuity of playleaders) and Kippen Elderly Folks Association (Diamond anniversary celebrations in December 2018).

The last deadline for applications for windfarm money (round 3) was 18th October 2018.  Next deadline is to be confirmed.

Please contact Margaret Beaton on 870536 for application forms or any further information.

If you have any ideas about how you would like the windfarm money to be spent, please give me a call on 07880-717493.

We on the panel and board all look forward to receiving your applications.

Caroline Thompson

Community Affairs


“One Journey, Many Roads!”

“Seeking the Way”

All men and women are welcome to attend Guild meetings held in Kippen Church House (attached to the Church in Fore Road):

Tuesday 13th November – 2.00 p.m.

“Unpacking the Dyslexia Suitcase”   Fiona McDiarmid

Sunday 18th November                                                Guild Week Service

11.15 a.m. Kippen Parish Church

Guild Week 18th to 25th November

Tuesday 27th November – 2.00 p.m.                         

“Treks in Himalayas”

Chris Huxham

Visiting Guilds

Tuesday 11th December – 12.30 p.m.      Christmas Lunch

The Lion and Unicorn, Thornhill

Collection of Christmas Gifts for Nursing Homes

Tuesday 8th January – 2.00 p.m.      “Unexpected Journey: Off the Map”

Rev. Ellen Larson Davidson

Tuesday 12th February –  2.00 p.m.     

“Green Routes, Gartmore”

Gillian Forster

Further information is available from Joanna M. McPhail 01786 870681 or joanna.mcphail@

Community Affairs


There has been much activity in the Reading Room during the year as contractors have been busy with project work.

The first phase of work was completed in April, and secured the building from the wind and rain. The second, enabling phase, which was made possible by a grant of £7,000 from the Windmill operators, Falck, has achieved the recovery of the building, elimination of dry rot, replacement of timbers and created the conditions under which we can plan our Kitchen Project – the final phase.

Despite the inevitable building site conditions, our users have loyally stuck with us, even holding lively events in the Main Hall.

It is with relief that we can report that the plasterers are away, our Committee Room upstairs has now been restored to functionality and even the Tower Room can be used, although decoration has not yet taken place.

In order to publicise our activities, we have held a public meeting, with wine and cheese, at which our architect Gordon McEachern kindly presented future plans, and a lively debate took place. This was a great opportunity for people to wander round the rooms, and to offer opinions on our plans.

We plan to ensure that all winter activities will continue as far a possible, although even the Main Hall will be affected if our planned alterations go ahead.

The committee are determined to bring the Reading Rooms into modern times while ensuring that Kippen Heritage should be able to display the history of the village, on a permanent basis.

Meanwhile, the show goes on, and we will be holding our next Jumble Sale on Saturday 27th October, in the Reading Rooms.

The Mitchell Trustees and the Management Committee will need further funding for our plans, but we are detecting support for the development of this valuable village facility.

Finally, we would like to thank publicly the late Bella Crawford, a former member of our committee, who supported our activities so well and who bequeathed £700 from her estate.

Jeremy Gaywood

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Pianos tuned in public places in Kippen and Arnprior

Annabel would like to thank everyone who generously contributed toward the goal of tuning of pianos in public places in Kippen and Arnprior, for which she ran the Stirling Half Marathon in April. The pianos in Kippen Church, School, Village Hall, Cross Keys and Arnprior Nursery have now all been tuned.  Unfortunately, the piano in the Reading Rooms suffered very badly from a recent burst pipe and is currently out of use.  Please arrange independently with the Village Hall or Church if you would like to practise on the pianos.


Annabel Gaywood