Community Affairs

Mobile Library visits to Kippen –  May – December 2018 

Week 1 Tuesday 

Cauldhame                  1.15  -  1.35 

Oakwood                     1.40  -  2.00 

School                           2.05  -  3.10 

Cameron Crescent   3.15  -  3.35 

The Cross                     3.40  -  4.00 

May 1, 15, 29 Jun 12, 26 Jul 10, 24 Aug 7, 21 

Sep 4, 18 Oct 2, 16, 30 Nov 13, 27 Dec 11     


Week 2 Tuesday 

Cauldhame                  1.15  -  1.35 

Oakwood                     1.40  -  2.00 

Hanover Court           2.05  -  2.45 

Hayshill                         2.50  -  3.10 

Cameron Crescent   3.15  -  3.35 

The Cross                     3.40  -  4.00 

May  8, 22 Jun  5, 19  Jul  3, 17, 31 Aug 14, 28 

Sep 11, 25 Oct 9,23 Nov 6, 20 Dec 4, 18

Community Affairs

A note from our Minister 

As I write these words we have inched into Spring, but someone forgot to tell the weather. I found myself in England when blizzard conditions blanketed Stirlingshire. Thankfully, the work of so many ensured one road to Scotland was opened by the time we were heading home. As we drove across the north of England past the snowdrifts, I was reminded of my childhood experiences of blizzards – snowdrifts that bury cars, winds that endanger lives of people and beasts, and people risking their own lives to help others caught in dangerous situations. 

As a weather-worn South Dakotan, every time snowstorms hit the UK I prepare, but forget that the storms over here wouldn’t bring my hometown to a standstill, but the community spirit is the same. We check in on neighbours and offer help where we can – except maybe when stockpiling milk. Challenging situations define us for good or for ill, remind us of our deepest values of interdependence and community, and show us where our weaknesses lie.  

As followers of Jesus in the weeks before Easter, we recall Jesus’ journey into the wilderness – the harsh reality and fragility of life in the desert cut off from community. I believe that Jesus’ life and teachings help us to look at our 21st century life in Scotland and consider what matters most. In John’s gospel, Jesus says, ‘I came that [humanity] may have life and have it abundantly’ (John 10:10). We remember how God came to show us life in all its fullness, even when times are difficult and challenging, even when faced with death and destruction. Christians remember the empty tomb at Easter and cry out that ‘LOVE WINS! Death is not the end.’ 

In every challenge we encounter, whether it is a blizzard, a job loss, disease, the death of a loved one, anxiety, or loneliness, I believe we have a choice to let it define us or to live abundantly in the face of death, to love instead of hate, to hope over despair, and to be community rather than isolate. As a follower of Jesus, I believe Jesus shows us in his life, death and resurrection how powerful these choices can be. I know for some they need others to help them to see this possibility. May we choose to live and help others as well.  As we embrace new life in its season, I pray that you may have abundant life in spite the challenges you may face.  – Ellen 

Kippen Church meets on Sunday mornings at 11.15 am. All Welcome! 

Holy Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 13th May at 11.15 am. 

Messy Church ‘Big Birthday Party’ is on Sunday 20th May at Gartmore Village Hall from 3-5 pm. 

Rev. Ellen Larson Davidson, Minister, Kippen linked with Norrieston Parishes – Church of Scotland.  Registered Charities: (Kippen) SC004286 & (Norrieston) SC028719 


Community Affairs

Public Transport

Despite their recent paint job the interiors of our buses have not improved.  First Midland Bluebird have now admitted that they  under-estimated the cost of refurbishing the interiors of the five Discovery Buses and this will not now take place. They have been overwhelmed with the continual problem of faulty heating and water ingress on the Balfron buses. However, they do need passengers to continue reporting these issues. Please note that if the heating is working in the drivers cab they are not aware that that it is faulty in the rest of the bus, so please tell them so that they can add this to their vehicle log. Also mention any other other issues that spoil your journey, particularly water ingress and dirty buses, which have been a real feature recently. Complaining to each other or on Facebook will not bring about change and we must contact the company directly.  

For those online, Bus issues can be reported to First anonymously via their “Rant and Rave” forum. In the case of C12/C12A Services, as these are funded by the Council, I would urge you to alert their transport department as quality of service is taken into account when tendering a contract. If we donʼt report these issues they assume all is well. Please also note for lost property, or other issues, the number for Balfron Depot is 01360 440920. 

With regards to service changes, we are led to believe that the evening services via Cambusbarron are at last being reviewed. If this goes ahead it will cut the journey time for people who wish to go or return from Stirling in the evening but are put off by this long route. This may also encourage passengers to use the new early evening trial service to Stirling C12A Friday/Saturday 18.40 (in Kippen) which may not be shown on your existing timetable. 

The campaign is also ongoing for public transport on the B12 route on a Sunday. All Councillors and Community Councils in the surrounding villages have been contacted and asked to support this. If you want to see a change please take time to contact the Council transport department so that this matter can be moved up their agenda. There are people in all the western villages without transport who cannot access any services, including hospitals, on a Sunday.  

Valerie Brand 

Community Affairs

News from the Kippen Windfarm Panel   

The first round of grant applications has gone well and grants have been awarded to Kippen Street Fayre for new gazebos and to Kippen Playgroup and Toddlers to support the continuity of playleaders. 

The next deadline is 29th March but is intended only for organisations, which have already submitted applications which have to be amended and re-submitted. 

The next deadline for new applications will be 15th May 2018. 

Please contact Margaret Beaton on 870536 for application forms. 


Windfarm updates will be posted on the Kippen Village facebook page and also at McNicolls shop. 


We on the panel and board all look forward to the next round of applications. 


Community Affairs

New Sports Kit

Kippen Primary’s Parent Council have kindly funded new sports kit for school teams. They have purchased 22 new red and white strips with matching shorts and socks, new athletics vests and a lacrosse goalie kit. We are awaiting delivery of new netball skirts and polo shirts too.   

The strips have had their first outing on 23rd March at the Balfron Schools Lacrosse Tournament and then at the Fun Football at Balfron High. Thank you very much to everyone who contributes to the Parent Council fundraising and to the parents who were involved in the very tricky task of choosing the kit specifications and sizing. Much appreciated. It looks great. Our senior pupils and some of the Sports Committee enjoyed modelling the kit for the rest of the school to see. 

Community Affairs

Kippen Playgroup

Spring hasn’t quite sprung in our beautiful little village, but its youngest residents have already been out enjoying all that our area has to offer, rain or shine!  Kippen Playgroup has always been an advocate of outdoor learning, but recently we have decided to make that a core ethos of what we do.  Our new Play Leader, Heidi Docherty, has over 12 years of Early Years experience and is also an Outdoor Learning Specialist.  Needless to say, we are absolutely over the moon to have her working alongside Pam at Kippen Playgroup and hope her knowledge and passion will create a wonderful learning experience for all the children lucky enough to live in and around the village. 

Our little Attenborough’s are regularly out researching all the natural world has to offer; the changing seasons, our local mini-beasts, not to mention their trail blazing research on the depths of all the puddles in Kippen and the optimum mud viscosity for losing your welly!  We make regular use of our country lanes, the Church grounds and the gardens of some of our very kind residents.  June Waley and John Smith regularly invite our little scientists to conduct their field studies, and we are incredibly grateful for their generosity.   

We have also recently decided to make Burnside Woods a “forest kindergarten” base for the Playgroup.  Kippen Community Woodland Group have very kindly offered to clear fallen debris and branches in a space opposite the pond, where the children can set up their camp.  We can then begin to develop the base and extend the children’s outdoor experiences even further, by using a shelter, tools, and a fire pit for outdoor cooking!  By using this as our base, the children will become familiar with the setting and develop a deeper understanding of the natural world around them, as well as learning new skills such as tree climbing, den building, foraging and tracking.  The opportunities to teach literacy and numeracy in the outdoor environment are endless, so our tiny explorers will be learning as they play, just how they like it!  The children have already had quite a few mornings at our new patch, and they go home buzzing with confidence and excitement about all they’ve seen and discovered. 

 Playgroup sessions run on Tuesdays and Fridays 9.30–12pm.  We still use the Village Hall as a base, but often we’re either in our Playgroup garden or out and about around Kippen!  We currently have spaces in our Friday sessions so please contact Heidi Docherty via for more information or to arrange a ‘taster’ visit. 

 Kippen Toddlers is the place to come when everyone just needs out of the house on a Thursday morning!  There’s plenty of toys, snacks and little friends for the kids and a plethora of tea, cake and giggles for the adults.   We welcome children from birth to pre-school and we’re open every Thursday, even during school holidays, from 10:15-12pm in the Village Hall, just drop in!