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Kippen Contact the Elderly Group

Open to new guests

A charity which provides all the benefits of baking and a blether to older people is keen to welcome more guests to its Kippen group.

Contact the Elderly has two groups in the village which meet once a month to enjoy a free afternoon tea.

Those aged 75 and over who live alone are welcomed to a volunteer host’s home one Sunday a month after being collected by a volunteer driver. The group will enjoy a couple of hours of tea, cake and company.

Morna O’May, Head of Service – Scotland at Contact the Elderly and a local Kippen resident, said:

“There is fantastic community spirit here in Kippen and everyone has a lovely time at the tea parties. For being a small village it’s great to have two groups and we know there are more people who would enjoy an afternoon with others who live locally; sharing stories over a nice cup of tea and tasty treats.”

Bunty became a guest of the charity in Kippen in 2015. She said:

“I’m so glad I’ve joined. I really look forward to my Sunday afternoons. When else would you get chauffeured from your door to the door of a wonderful hostess for a delicious afternoon tea and then chauffeured back home?

“The afternoons always fly by. There are discussions and people tell stories from their childhood. As soon as someone brings up a new subject it brings a memory to your mind and the conversation is once again overflowing.

“Although we all live in the same village, it’s not that easy to see one another as we’re not as able to get out and about anymore so this is a great chance to do just that.”

If you, or someone you know, would like to find out more about becoming a guest of Contact the Elderly then please contact Morna on 01786 871264 or

Community Affairs

The Kippen Over 60’s

The Over 60’s of Kippen are invited each year to a Christmas celebration in the village hall. This tradition has been running for many years, with several of our older villagers having attended for decades!

Cameron Skinner and staff provide a wonderful meal, and there is traditional entertainment and a bar.

The smooth running of this event relies on volunteers who help to serve the food, to drive folk to and from the hall, and of course wash the dishes at the end of the day. The playgroup always makes table decorations and we have been lucky to receive donations from many local group and businesses; McNicolls, the Kippen Scouts, the Kippen School Christmas concert, the Drama Club and Bowling Club, to name but a few. Lots of individuals have also donated to the collecting tins in local shops and we are really grateful to everyone who has helped support this event.

If you would like any further information or have any ideas you would like to share for future events,

Please contact Mary Lawson on 870202 or Debbie More on 871141

Community Affairs

Parent Council

This year, the Parent Council has been raising funds for the school to buy electronic white boards for the classrooms. The current boards have reached the end of their lifespan and are no longer easy for pupils and teachers to use so they have been the priority for our fundraising efforts. Last year, the Parent Council raised enough to buy two new boards and the school bought a third but we still have two classrooms in need of the new equipment. Last year’s Community Christmas Concert funds were used to purchase the dragon memorial which pupils helped to design and create. This now has pride of place on the wall of the foyer at the school entrance.issue-1-parent-council

The recent Christmas concert raised over £1,000 for the school, as well as £250 for the Over 60s Christmas lunch 2017, and these funds will go towards hopefully being able to purchase a new board for one of the remaining classes which is still using the old equipment. We have regular fundraising activities throughout the year such as the cafe at the street fayre and the Christmas concert but we also run different activities throughout the year. This year’s fundraising has included pupil Christmas cards, jumble sale and school tea towels. We are hoping to have an obstacle course mud run in Spring 2017. We would like to thank all the parents and the wider community who support the school fundraising events throughout the year, as it would not be possible for the classrooms to have this equipment without everyone’s contributions of time and money to our fundraising.

Community Affairs

Kippen Flower Show

The Kippen Horticultural Society held its 2016 Annual General Meeting on 1 December at the Inn at Kippen, reflecting on the successful Kippen Flower Show held on 20 August 2016 and planning ahead to the next flower show, which in 2017 will be held on Sunday 20 August. It is hoped that the change of day for this traditionally Saturday event will allow competitors more time to prepare entries, and be a more attractive day for visitors to come and spend time at the show.

There were some new additions to the show in 2016 which proved very successful and which we plan to expand on this coming year.

The 2016 show benefitted from the involvement of Alison Bradley of Fusion Flowers, which helped encourage interest in the Floral Art section of the show. Alison has again kindly offered her support for the 2017 Kippen Flower Show. As she did this year, Alison has offered to run a set of flower arranging workshops prior to the next show, and to also judge the floral art section at the 2017 show.

The workshops held this year were a tremendous opportunity to learn flower arranging techniques from a world renowned expert, and also a lot of fun! Held in the evening at the Kippen Village Hall, this year’s workshops were offered at the cost of just £50 per person for three workshops covering the basics of flower arranging: Bouquets and posies, classical flower arrangement and table arrangement. As an incentive to enter the Kippen Flower Show, part of the workshop fee was also refunded if the participants went on to enter their arrangements in the show.

If you are interested in joining this coming year’s workshops further details will be posted on the Kippen Flower Show Facebook page, and places can be reserved by contacting Ali on 07748 651 564.

This year the Society was also very pleased to invite expert show competitor and judge Walter Robertson to the first of our evening events. Walter delivered a fascinating talk on the intricacies of growing and showing chrysanthemums. Not a task for the faint hearted! This event was held in October in the Inn at Kippen (with thanks to Alice and Mark Silverwood for the use of their events room).

We would like to hold more events like this in the coming year to encourage local horticulturalists. If you would like to present a talk, or have a suggestion of a topic you would like us to cover, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Do follow us on our Facebook Page and look out for local news announcements.

Community Affairs

Start Up Stirling

We would like to give huge thanks to everyone who supported us over the festive period. An incredible £15,000 was raised for our ‘Feed a Family’ appeal enabling us to provide Christmas dinner for around 300 families in financial crisis. With the additional funds raised, we will be able to provide fresh produce in all food-packs in 2017, ensuring those in need can still enjoy a healthy fresh meal. Around 10 tonnes of food were also donated, which we will distribute in food parcels.

And yet, the need continues to grow. We distributed 99,000 meals in 2016, an increase of 27% on the previous year. Half of all recipients are referred repeatedly for support. This growing dependency on foodbanks has shaped ‘Beyond the Food Bank’ – our new support service whereby we aim to provide the time, the place and the space for those stuck in the revolving door of poverty. We want to provide access to advice on many aspects affecting people’s lives -money matters, fuel poverty, addictions, unemployment, mental/physical health – and work more intensely and long-term with people in need to help them get back on their feet.

To find out more and how to get involved please contact us at or on 01786 5614027

Community Affairs

The Carse of Stirling Partnership

The Carse of Stirling Partnership (COSP) was set up in 2012. Its aim was to bring people together from across the Carse to work co-operatively on issues that might otherwise have been tackled in isolation. These included a real range of interests from farming and the environment to recreation and heritage.

Now in its fourth year, its dedicated committee, who are all volunteers, still meet regularly at the Inn at Kippen to discuss on-going projects and ideas. The group’s initiatives so far have included a scheme encouraging local schoolchildren to plant clover for bees and hoverflies, and farm wildlife surveys. They’ve also been involved with a natural flood management study – with four case study farmers on the Carse – carried out by the James Hutton Institute and Heriot Watt University. The COSP has been recognised with an Award for Planning Excellence from the Royal Town Planning Institute, and was nominated for an RSPB Nature of Scotland Award.

Already this year, the partnership was part of ‘Resolve to get Involved’ held at the Inn in January and then held an open evening in Gargunnock in March aimed at local communities, with presentations and displays from other organisations such as SNH and the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative. They also had a stall at the Gargunnock show in June, and recently held their annual general meeting.

Looking to the future, the COSP, supported by SNH, aim to continue their work to promote and preserve local heritage, improve information about local access, and undertake schemes to benefit wildlife.

If you’d like to find out more about the COSP, or get involved, please check out our Facebook Page.

Community Affairs

Stirling Civic Trust

“We who live or work in or around Stirling are exceptionally fortunate to have the buildings and landscape we have inherited. The concern of Stirling Civic Trust is quite simply that we should bequeath a comparable legacy to our successor”.

This statement is on the home page of the Stirling Civic Trust website ( and summarises what we are about. We are only one of over 100 other Civic Trust bodies in Scotland, all affiliated to the Scottish Civic Trust, and who co-operate with other community bodies in their area, with similar goals.

Here, in Kippen, we have attended Community Council meetings on matters of the village amenities and made representation to the Stirling planning authority regarding these concerns when we felt this would be of benefit to the village.

At the centre of these efforts is the need to demonstrate that the Civic Trust contributes to “BETTER PLACES FOR PEOPLE TO LIVE” – not necessarily related to buildings or architecture – spaces also qualify. In fact, many or most projects developed around the country by Civic Trusts involve changing derelict or underused facilities to “people friendly” areas.

If you have any concerns related to our objectives, please feel free to contact us to establish what can be achieved to resolve the issue.

Jack Sutherland Tel: 870699
Convenor and Secretary, Stirling Civic Trust

Community Affairs

Reading Room

During this year, the Reading Room Committee decided to improve the heating arrangements in the building and, over the last 2 weeks, new heaters have been installed in all the principal rooms. It is hoped that these will be enjoyed by all users. Other improvement plans are being considered but these will be dependent on architects’ advice, complying with any planning requirements and, finally, the necessary cash being available. The Committee is very grateful to all who have helped with the two jumble sales in 2016 and to those organisations that have generously supported the Reading Room. The next jumble sale will take place on Saturday 25th March 2017 and the usual leaflets will be circulated a week before.

Ricky Muir-Simpson
RR Treasurer

Community Affairs

Kippen Community Woodland Group

If you go down to Burnside Wood, Kippen you will be in for a pleasant surprise. The main path between the football pitch and pond has been widened, with the drainage and surface of the path improved. This means that the path has become accessible to those in mobility scooters and prams. Walks have also become more sociable now that it is possible to walk two abreast.

The improvement would not have happened without a £1500 Community Paths Grant from Paths for All and £300 from Waitrose, which enabled the purchase of equipment and materials as well as the services of a contractor to be procured for a day. It definitely would not have been possible without 40 Kippen residents giving up their time on 1 October 2016 to move 20 tonnes of aggregate, ably assisted by Bobby Wilson of Stephen Paul Associates who loaded the aggregate into the wheelbarrows, making a tough day achievable. Under blue skies and sunshine there was a fantastic atmosphere in the woods and everyone worked incredibly well as a team wheelbarrowing and laying the aggregate, delivering a much improved path.issue-1-woodland-pjw-017

Behind the scenes, members of the Kippen Community Woodland Group worked hard hiring equipment and procuring materials and services, making sure that everything was in place for the volunteer day. On the day, members of the Kippen Community Woodland Group supervised the volunteers, helped out as required and provided refreshments to sustain all those involved.

Many thanks to those who contributed, we hope that you enjoy the much improved path.

To provide feedback on the path or find out more about the work of the Kippen Community Woodland Group, please email or find us on our Facebook Page.